Solo test drives during Covid-19

All test drives will be unaccompanied until further notice.  ALL viewers of our cars must complete the following, and must provide the detail and securities required or there will be no test drive.  
Shields Motor Company have fully comprehensive trade insurance to allow unaccompanied drives at this time.  You will respect that we must adhere to the rules of our insurers and will make NO exceptions. 
If you can complete this form, and email it in advance that would be great, but otherwise please ensure you are prepared to complete it verbally on the day and that you have the required documentation. 
Thank you. 
Shields Motor Co. 

Brief outline

All viewings are by appointment only.  We operate from home, our cars are kept away from this address and brought to our home for your dedicated viewing.  

Please arrive promptly at the agreed time.  If you are going to be late, or change your mind then please let us know, we understand that sometimes you can be held up or have a change of heart.  If you arrive later than agreed then the car will probably have been returned to storage and we are always busy, so you will have to re-book.  

Unaccompanied test drives are only available to holders of FULL UK or EU licenses and must have been held for a minimum of 3 years.

The driver must be aged between 25 and 70 years old.  Our insurance will not cover anyone outside of this band, sorry. 

Your licence can have no more than 3 endorsement points.

You will have your photograph taken as proof of ID.

You must provide your driver's licence and passport or other photo ID such as NUS or NHS card if passport is not available along with a utility bill with your address.

We will retain your passport, licence and car/ house keys for the duration of your test drive.

If you crash or damage the car then you will be expected to pay the excess of £250.

You must not allow anyone else to drive the car whilst it is in your care because they will be uninsured and you will be reported to the Police for the offence and will be asked/ pursued to pay the full costs of any claims resulting. 

Any fines or endorsements incurred during your test drive will be passed on.

We will retain your details for 6 months.  We will not share them with anyone else unless we have to for a claim etc.

If the form says NO at any point then NO drive. 

We reserve the right to refuse a test drive with no reason provided.  

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