VW Golf 1.9 TDI Highline 130BHP



Spares or Repair

**Needs engine or overhaul**

MOT - October 2015

HPI Clear

PX to clear

Strictly trade sale - no warranty implied or given

Please can we stress from the start that this car is being sold as spares or repair, which means it is not currently a viable option as your everyday car.  We will give a pretty thorough overview below, but to save people who clearly don’t read the whole description any hassle, and us taking calls on a £2K retail car which is for sale at less than half that, this car needs work.  Do not call if you need a road ready everyday car.  We’ve others that will do that.  This is for the home mechanic or trade who want to fix it up and it is not a road ready and reliable car – yet!


This Golf TD has come to us from its lady owner.  Taken as a PX the car is a very desirable Mk 4 Golf TDI Highline with the ASZ engine producing 130 BHP.  Presented in metallic black, with the twin blade 5 spoke alloys, GTI interior, climate control etc.  Ordinarily a car like this would be on our site at £1,995.  However this car needs work, and frankly as it doesn’t have enough service history, nor is it from our preferred main dealers we do not want the car.


In a nutshell it looks a bit battered and the engine sounds rough.  It drives ok, but there’s clearly a metallic noise and therefore mechanical issue.  Without taking the head off we can only hazard a guess, and we suspect a piston is out of kilter, or perhaps a valve or perhaps something else, we are not selling this car with a diagnosis, please be clear on that. The car doesn’t have enough history for us to invest the time and money in so we have given it a brief look over and can tell you that the turbo works, everything else about the engine seems fine but there is something wrong and as such the car is being sold as is, spares or repair. As we state further down we suspect your quickest route to getting this car right is a second hand engine.  It drives, but we make no guarantee as to how far before it causes more damage.  We would therefore suggest you trailer the car away. 


  • Golf TDI Highline

  • 96 KW output which is 130 BHP

  • 6 speed manual

  • 121,000 miles

  • Some history

  • Last keeper since 2010

  • HPI Clear

  • MOT – Oct 2015

  • Remote locking

  • Air Con

  • Multiple airbags




Finished in metallic black with alloys the car looks like a nice little Golf TDI Highline.  However the car has polished up a bit better than it appears in the flesh.  Allow me to elaborate. 


There’s the usual scuffs to the bumpers, and the doors from parking.  However the OSF wing has a dent on the wheel arch which would need pulled out, the paint isn’t broken.  Both the OSR and NSR arches have been scuffed whilst parking.  The NSR is dented more than the OSR arch, both have had the scratches painted in.  The NSR door has scratches and dents as does the NSF door. 


Internally the car is pretty clean.  The climate control works although the heater control valve sticks if the system isn’t on recirculation.  The electric windows all work, the mirrors etc.  The stereo is an aftermarket SONY head unit and is untested.  The car has ISOFIX.  The OSR door unlocks when it wants with the remote, about 80% of the time it doesn’t, and won’t operate from the external handle.  This is usually a pretty easy repair. 


Mechanically, other than the noise the engine seems ok but we do not know exactly what is wrong and in our opinion there’s two choices.  Take the head off and have a look.  Repairing what you uncover.  This is the path we would take if the car had a full history as we’d then be able to sell the car with history.  However as stated we only have a few bills and so we won’t go to that expense on the car.  The second option, and the one our workshop recommends is to replace the engine with a second hand unit. 


The car has a current MOT with no advisories.  It will need two new front tyres as they are not legal.  That said there’s a brand new spare tyre – full size on a steel rim in the boot. 





These Golf’s are very desirable cars.  This one in good order with the low mileage (for a diesel) would retail in the region of two thousand pounds.  Run a search and there are plenty at much more money.  If you’re a home mechanic or trade then this car could be an interesting project for you.  Otherwise I strongly suspect it will be exported where parts are worth a small fortune.


We want our money out of it.  That’s the PX allowance, garage cost to look over, advertising and valet. 





£695 NO OFFERS (– no best price enquiries – please don’t waste your time or ours)


NO PX on this


Car sold strictly as seen and on auction basis putting it outside of the sale of goods act 1979.  No warranty will be implied or given.


Serious callers only. 


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Cash only on this one. 










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