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Securing and paying for your car


We require a £200 deposit to secure a car or 10% of the total purchase price for cars over £2,000. We accept deposits by BACS, Debit or Credit card and remotely.  Deposits are NON refundable unless the description given is incorrect on the car - and we pride ourselves on accuracy, so this has never happened .  We will accept deposits for cars you have seen on one of our virtual walkround and test drives.  We will not hold cars without a deposit. Booking an appointment to 'view' a car does not hold the car and the car will remain for sale and we will call and text you to cancel your viewing in these instances.


Cars are released upon full and final payment of the outstanding balance.  

Balances must be paid within 3 days of the deposit receipt.  Failure to pay the balance will result in the sale agreement being cancelled.


We accept payment by Debit card, remote payment or by electronic/ telephone transfer.  We do not take credit cards for final/ whole payments and we no longer accept cash nor do we accept any form of cheque payment.   We do not accept AMEX or Diners Card.



Do we offer finance?


No we don't.  We were a licensed credit broker for many years, but the costs of being so are horrific these days for a small business.  We previously offered an 'introduction service' but found that most clients could get a better deal from their bank.  

Can I test drive the car?


Yes of course.  You must have a full UK or EU driver's licence (please bring this with you).  All test drives during the current Covid-19 period are unaccompanied.  You have to meet the requirements of our insurers in order to take an unaccumpanied rest drive, the details of which are on the following links. 

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Can I Part Exchange?


We will consider part exchanges.  

We always say that you'll get more selling your car privately, but if you wish to part exchange your vehicle then we will be happy to give you a price.  It is not possible for us to value cars sight unseen.

We do not offer straight swaps, and we do not PX for cars worth more than the car you're interested in. 

We use webuyanycar.com and our trade guides to value PX vehicles.  We will always give you the best price we can for your car, and we don't charge admin fees.  However, we do reserve the right to refuse any PX vehicles.  If a car is a PX and it is scrap only then the value will be the current scrap value less a £25 handling fee (get's me a taxi home from driving it to the scrappers)

If you wish to PX a car then bring your V5 (we cannot accept cars without the registration document) and all other paperwork/ keys you have for the car.  We will HPI all PX cars and will not take cars that have any HPI alert against them, including outstanding fiance agreements, category write off etc. 


What's your best price?


Alas the rise of the eBay generation has made this one of the most common emails we receive.  The answer is simple.  The price we are advertising the car at! We prepare our cars upfront and this means that when you arrive to see the car, and you decide you want the car, you can take it there and then.  No coming back, no negotiating on what you want us to do etc, we have the highest standards and the cars are prepared so that your trip isn't a wasted one.  Other dealers will operate differently, and will move on price so that they don't have to service the car, MOT etc, well we are not like that.  So, for that reason we do not accept offers on our cars.  Please also bear in mind that we are professional car dealers, not market traders and we put a lot of time, money and effort in to every car we sell and we still offer them at the best possible rates, £ for £ in a 60m radius of our base.  We have 20+ years experience and have to make a living, however modest.  You don't work for free, why should we?

If the car you want is out of your price range then please check our stock list for a cheaper car.  

Our cars are priced to sell, we operate on turnover of stock and not inflated prices. 

Please do not come to view a car if you think you can barter, we will politely but firmly refuse.

We do not answer text messages or emails asking for 'best price' etc.  


Is Car Tax Included?

This is a cost of motoring.  Payable directly to her majesty's government.  We have no influence over it and the cost of VED is your responsibility.  You can check the cost to tax a car on line before your viewing. 

*Important changes effective from 1st October 2014


As of 1st October 2014 car tax will no longer be represented by the disc on the car screen and the tax will no longer be instantly transferable from seller to purchaser.  The new rules stipulate that the unexpired tax (full months) will be refunded to the registered keeper upon receipt of the V5 or nottification of sale to the motor trade upon receipt by the DVLA.  The new keeper will therefore have to tax the car regadless of the vehicles shown status.  Therefore we as motor traders do not offer cars with the remaining tax as it will be cancelled upon arrival at the DVLA and credited to the last keeper. 


You can tax the car online at our premises or prior to collection, or you can still use the post office to tax the car using the V52C (the green slip)  We will gladly tax a car on your behalf, no charge, you simply pay us the tax back on collection. 


We are not legally obliged to ensure you tax the car, but we do have a duty to point out to you the law, and to drive an untaxed car could lead to you being stopped and prosecuted.  We accept no liability for cases where you take a vehicle without first taxing that vehicle. 





All of our cars are insured for trade purposes including demonstration.  However, we do not offer drive home insurance, nor does our policy cover you once you are the legal owner, and you become that owner once you have paid for the car and we hand over the paperwork.  Insurance is your responsibility.  Please ensure you are adequtely insured prior to collecting your car/ driving away.  As stated, we do not offer driveaway insurance, and despite what many believe, your current policy is unlikely to cover your new car.  We will update the MID on the completion of all sales removing the car from our temporary care and this is an instant update available to all with access to ANPR devices or the MID direct database.  Should you fail to insure your car and you have an incident once you leave, then you will likely be prosecuted for driving without insurance.  Shields Motor Company will ALWAYS ask if you wish to call your insurers, and we will not rush you out, you can use our land line, our laptop etc to arrange insurance. If you elect to inform us it's all sorted and the car is involved in an incident and the Police contact us, we will tell them our standard practice, and give them every assistance.  We are professional car dealers, we are not legally bound to make you insure your car, but feel are morally bound to ask you to do so, and to assist the legal and judiciary serviced where required. You have been warned.






Do we offer delivery?
Due to Covid-19 we are unable to offer delivery until further notice


We can offer delivery within 10 miles of our base free of charge.  (road miles, not as the crow flies - subject to availability as we get very busy, but we will always try to assist you)

Delivery over and above 10 miles is charged at £1.30 per mile (round trip exc. VAT) with a minimum charge of £50 (exc VAT)

For delivery over 50 miles we tend to utilise a specialist vehicle logistics company.  A quotation can be provided on request, Please note that for delivery the charges are per mile, and each way.


Delivery will be carried out on Trade Plates for distances up to 50m.  Delivery over 50m is by a third party contractor.  Delivery is payable in advance to Shields Motor Company Limited. 


Descriptions and Video's


All vehicle descriptions are given as guidance only.  Although we strive to give as in depth and as detailed information as we can, we are not able to cover every item, and will point out main points that are relevant to a car's age and price point.  Older cars will have marks/ wear, deteriation and perhaps inoperable or non factory parts and components.  Where we can point these out we will, but all viewers must satisfy themselves as to a cars suitability for their purpose.  We pride ourselves on giving the clearest descriptions we can and are often complimented on our cars being better than we stated.  If you require more information than listed, then ask.  We will accommodate where we can.

Video's are for general guidance.  Where a car price has been reduced after the date of recording, then we reserve the right to amend any offering that was originaly stated relating to but not limited to warranties or part exchange availabilites. 

Any errors are purely unintentional and views are those of the individual. 


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