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During the reopening of our business we have had to consider the impact of Government laws regarding the operation of business taking in to consideration Covid 19 and social distancing.  We operate from our home address and not a car showroom and have traditionally had a very relaxed approach, but that needs to be parked for now and although we still be friendly and accommodating we will be so at a distance and external to our property.  ​We have provided videos of our cars for almost 15 years, long before anyone else and Peter (owner) has been well praised on his honestly and openness on these videos', not once has a car failed to match the video.  We will be increasing our coverage and over the next few weeks you will see that all cars have a virtual tour for the, external, the interior, the engine and mechanics, the paperwork and a road test.  Accompanied road tests are paused and you may still drive the car before committing but an unaccompanied road test will mean you need to provide a lot more detail for us.  

We are building a 'proper' guide for this page, but in essence the following will apply.  

  1. All viewings will be conducted at a social distance.  

  2. Viewings will be at our home address, and will be external to our property only.  We will not offer toilet facilities or refreshments.

  3. All cars will be sanitised internally and externally prior to your viewing using disinfectant products.  The vehicles will be sanitised fully after each viewing.

  4. On arrival you must provide two forms of ID one of which must have your photograph, such as your driver's licence or passport.  You must also provide proof of address.  We will take your photograph.  

  5. You must complete in advance by downloading or in our presence a questionnaire for our insurers (at foot of page).  If you do not do this then you will not be allowed a test drive.  

  6. Documents and your car keys or house keys will be taken as security whilst you are in possession of our vehicle and its keys.  

  7. You will be provided with a photocopy of documentation so as to ensure no contamination of the documents.  You will of course receive the original documents upon purchase.  

  8. You will be able to test drive the car, but only if you satisfy our criteria.  Please see insurance QA at bottom of this page or separate tab.

  9. You will have access to gloves and hand sanitiser.

  10. A suggested route and our emergency details will be provided to you.  

  11. If you wish to purchase the car, and may I say 97% of visitors do, then you will have to pay by BACS or card (we do not take credit cards for full payment) 

  12. Full details will be provided soon.  Shields Motor Company reserve the right to refuse test drive if we believe your details are false or you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. 

  13. We will destroy all documentation held about you in 6 months.  We do not share your details

  14. We operate 24 hour CCTV and cars have limited fuel to discourage theft.  All cars are logged with the national insurance database including our trade plates which must be displayed at all times.

  15. If you damage the car on the test drive then you will be asked to pay a £250 excess


Peter Shields

Shields Motor Company

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