About Us

We look forward to handing over your next set of car keys

Shields Motor Company is a privately owned business owned by Peter Shields. 


We specialise in offering good quality affordable used cars with a particular focus on first time cars and family cars.  


Shields Motor Company used to operate from a large showroom with dozens of cars on site at any one time offering everything from a bargain Fiesta to a top of the range BMW or Jaguar.  However, we got sick of paying for overheads and we scaled back to our current business model and now operate from our home address.   We still have a selection of cars, but they are kept away from our home in a secure compoundand all viewings are carried out at our home affording you a very relaxed buying experence whilst enjoying the security of buying from an experienced motor sales business at exceptionally competitive prices.  Our cars are never overpriced.  


Our ethos is to offer the best value possible at the keenest prices.  There's two choices for a bargain car, buy from a reputable dealer with 20+ years experience like us, or take your chances with the backstreet boys. 


Why used cars?


Peter's fault entirely, he is a petrol head who learnt how to spell, how to count and how to read from cars as his mother pushed him in his pram in Glasgow (true story!) At some point he had petrol in place of blood put in his veins and it was only natural that he'd end up working with cars.  


Why sales?  Simple.  We felt that there was a gap to offer high standards in what is traditionally seen as the lower end of the market. Our ethos has earnt us a lot of loyalty over the years.  We're in the unusual but privileged position of having many repeat clients.  We even have people fly from around the country to secure one of our cars.  (actually our furthest flung repeat client is from New Zealand, so far he's had two cars from us.)


Why buy from us?


Because you'll find us refreshingly different.  We genuinely care!


Our cars are prepared to the highest of standards.  We know that there's a lot of choice out there, but why should you not be treated like a valued customer every time?  We have clients who have used us for almost two decades, and have helped secure vehicles as exotic as Aston Martin, dream classics and historic cars (such cars are commission only)  Once people have a relationship with us, they tend to ask us to help them with all their vehicle purchases.  To date (since 1992 when I passed my test) Shields Motor Company has bought and sold thousands of cars and we are proud to say that we have customers who still use us after 20+ years. 


We prepare our cars inside and out, under and over, we deal with any known issues and we provide our cars good to roll.  Not a lot of dealers will offer you our level of service at £50,000 let alone under £5,000 which is where we concentrate our main activity. 

Be quick though, we are blessed to have many recommendations to use our services that many cars don't even get listed as they are sold before we get the chance.  


Give us a try, you'll be surprised as to how easy it is to buy a used car when you deal with Shields Motor Company.


See you soon,


Peter Shields




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